Bays Community Housing Trust

"Affordable Housing For All"


About Us


Early in 2004, a small group of people who belong to Long Bay Baptist Church, identified that there was a very real need on the North Shore for accessible, good quality housing for people who have experienced some form of mental ill health.   Spurred on by research that indicated the extent of this need, by the end of 2004 a Trust had been established of people with a keen desire to do something, but with no money with which to do it.


Encouragement and advice was received from Equip, part of Windsor Park Baptist Church, the Community of Refuge Trust (CORT) which is part of Ponsonby Baptist Church, the New Zealand Housing Foundation, Housing New Zealand Corporation and others.  It became clear that people who have experienced mental illness are often discriminated against and that although Housing New Zealand seeks to meet some of this need, typically it has a long waiting list of people on the North Shore wanting suitable housing.  In relation to the size of the city it was also evident that there is little community housing available to meet this need.  While other parts of greater Auckland may provide less expensive accommodation it was also clear that for people who have experienced mental ill-health, remaining within communities where they can retain support links and friendships is also particularly important.

Through support from Housing New Zealand and gifts from several other sources, the dream of providing this housing is now becoming a reality


Since 2006 the Trust has bought 13 one bedroom units and 8 houses. It also leases 12 units from Housing New Zealand. together they give a total of 60 bedrooms available for tenants.


The Trust has had support from a range of community groups.  The Browns Bay Rotary Club sponsored a Fitness Freaks walk that raised $16 000.  Other grants have come from Equip, CORT, Arjay Trust, COGS, The Catholic Caring Foundation, Community Post, ASB Community Trust a Housing NZ Development Grant and generous donations from church members.


For the future the Trust has plans to raise further funds to grow the stock of social housing on the North Shore.  The goal is to have fifty properties in ten years.