Bays Community Housing Trust

"Affordable Housing For All"


Our Aims

To provide suitable, quality, affordable housing on the North Shore for people in social or economic need.


The initial focus was to be on people who had experienced mental ill health, recently this has expanded to include young people and the elderly.


The focus for the Trust is as a landlord and provider of housing, the supervision of the mental health issues is in the hands of providers such as Equip and Connect Supporting Recovery.


The Trust was modeled on the Community of Refuge Trust (CORT) established by Ponsonby Baptist Church in 1987.


The aim is “Affordable Housing”, so rents are set typically at 80% of median market rent.


One house is rented to the Dingwall Trust for young people.


The Trust has a goal of helping people on the North Shore in Social and Economic need.  It is currently expanding its operations to include young people and elderly.  In the future it hopes to be able to provide housing for low income families, people with disabilities, new migrants, solo parents and singles.


The Trust buys or builds properties of good quality.  One criteria that Trustees apply is – “Would I be happy to live in this house.”


The Trust does not work in isolation, but is part of the Auckland Community Housing Provider’s Network, a group of 12 housing providers who work with common goals in the Auckland area.


The Trust recognizes that buying existing houses does not help the current housing shortage, so needs to build new houses.


In order to buy/build a house the Trust needs 65% grant money to be able to finance the remainder using rent. 


Funding for Community Housing groups for affordable housing is very tight.


There are very limited sources of funding available for community housing in NZ at present.  Government funding for Auckland is significantly less than in the past.


Auckland needs 10,000 new houses per year, at least 2000 of those should be “Affordable Housing”.