Bays Community Housing Trust

"Affordable Housing For All"


Home for Older Women

The Trust recently built two houses for older women, people with few assets, able to live independently, and willing to live in a small community. Each house has five bedrooms, each with an ensuite and shared living spaces.


This is an innovative housing model for the elderly and is supported by a Relationships Manager from the Trust who supports the women in adjusting to the new situation.


The lack of affordable housing is a crisis around the city and this is one way of providing housing for a particularly vulnerable group. The first house opened in February 2014 and the second later in that year.


BCHT is grateful to the ASB Community Trust and the Social Housing Unit of MSD for support in making these projects possible.



A New Block of Units

The Trust is planning to build five new units with 14 bedrooms on land that is currently part of the Long Bay Baptist Church property. It is doing this with help from a scheme funded by MSD. The goal is to provide affordable housing for people currently on the WINZ housing list.


This project is planned in partnership with the Church and will see some Trust units connected to the Church campus. All other units are between five and fifteen km away, so it is hard for the church to identify with such properties and tenants.