Bays Community Housing Trust

"Affordable Housing For All"


Our History

The Bays Community Housing Trust was set up in 2004 by Long Bay Baptist Church members who saw a need for affordable, good quality housing on the North Shore for people in social and economic need. The initial focus was on people who had experienced mental ill health; recently the Trust has included the provision of housing for young people and the elderly.


Currently the Trust has purchased 21 units, apartments and houses with the help of Housing New Zealand, ASB Community Trust, the Housing Innovation Fund of HNZC, the Social Housing Unit of MSD and other organisations, a figure it wants to raise to 50 within 5 years. The Trust also manages 12 properties owned by Housing New Zealand. The aim is to expand the Trust’s service to people in economic or social need. Currently the Trust properties have 60 bedrooms and over 150 tenants have been housed.


The vision of what this could be keeps the Trust going. There are many people who struggle to find affordable housing and, at present, the Trust is only scratching the surface of need on the North Shore. The Auckland housing crisis exacerbates the problems and increases the urgency of the need for affordable housing. At the same time funding is very tight and land extremely expensive making it difficult to advance new projects.


The Trust’s aim will always be to treat others with dignity and respect. It comes from the conviction that all people are important to God. Throughout history and Scripture, God has always had a heart for the poor and outcasts. The Trust believes He has called us - His people, His church - to express that same compassion.






Sept 2004 – A group from Long Bay Baptist Church agreed to explore the possibility of setting up a Housing Trust.

Dec 2004 – Incorporated as a Charitable Trust, Registered number 1587004.

February 2006 – Partnered with Equip in finding tenants who have experienced mental ill health.

March 2006 - Bought its first unit and signed its first tenant.

March 2006 – April 2007- Bought five more one bedroom units with help from a HIF grant.

June 2007 – June 2008 – Bought six more one bedroom units with a second HIF grant.

June 2008 - Registered with the Charities Commission CC29961.

January 2009 – Took over the lease of eight HNZC units, mostly two bedroom.

October 2009 - Bought a three bedroom house.

March 2011 – Bought a three bedroom house in partnership with the Dingwall Trust for young people.

June 2011 – Built three two bedroom houses.

December 2011 – Bought a section in Northcote on which to build a five bedroom house for elderly women.

February 2012 – Took over the lease of four two bedroom HNZC units.

March 2013 – Bought a second section in Northcote for a five bedroom house.


February 2014 - Opened the first five bedroom house for older women

August 2014 - Opened the second five bedroom house for older women.

January 2015 - Bought a one bedroom apartment in Albany.

February 2016 - Funded a feasibility study to explore a project to build five units on Long Bay Baptist Church land.