Bays Community Housing Trust

"Affordable Housing For All"


Current Situation


The Trust owns 21 units valued at $8.2 M with 37 bedrooms.

12 units are leased from HNZC with another 26 bedrooms.

Two sections are currently having houses built on them.

Grants and loans from Foundation North (ASB Community Trust), HNZC Housing Innovation Fund (HIF), Social Housing Unit of the Department of Building and Housing, CORT and many other groups have made this possible.



Existing Projects



The Trust is in the process of conducting a feasibility study to build five units in Long Bay.

This will be a combination of two bedroom and four bedroom units with a total of 14 bedrooms.

It is hoped that this project will commence early in 2017

This project is supported by Government funding through the Ministry of Social Development.

The Trust is actively engaged in exploring other projects that would provide more affordable housing on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast.