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Robert’s Testimonial


MENTAL illness made finding a place to stay a risky prospect for Robert*.  The North Shore resident feared being stigmatised by potential landlords because he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

Renting on the Shore would have been hard had it not been for the Bays Community Housing Trust.  “They’re an absolute godsend for people like me,” he says.  “It’s vital finding somewhere where you don’t have to explain to a private landlord you have some sort of illness.  I can’t praise them enough.”

Robert was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after the death of his father.  He was given a place in a communal living centre in the South Island after coming out of hospital but wanted to move to Auckland.  That became a reality when Shore mental health organisation Equip referred him to the housing trust. 

It found him a place to stay in one of the 30 houses it tenants on the North Shore and charged him a rent well below market rates.   Without that help, many people with mental health issues would struggle for appropriate accommodation, he says. 

“It’s absolutely vital.  People do suffer discrimination, especially if there are physical aspects to their illness.  “There are people who come out of hospital and end up in a bedsit that is claustrophobic and detrimental to their health.  “When you’ve got the accommodation I’ve got, it’s not a house, and it’s a home.”

*Not his real name.



Theresa’s testimonial*


I would like to say a big thank you for having the organisation that you have.  Living with the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder over the last 3 years has been life changing and presented itself with many challenges.  One of these challenges has been the ability to live with other people.


 In 2011 not long after my diagnosis I was really unwell and from that I moved from house to house as it was too much to deal with for those that I lived with.  However when my support worker had mentioned that a house had become available in Albany and explained to me the purpose behind Bays Community Housing Trust I was really excited.  Over the year and half that I lived there, I have been able to get back on my feet because of the stable and supportive living arrangement.  


I came off my medication and starting working part time and am now well enough to live with other people.  I am forever grateful and will always remember Bays Community Housing Trust that gave me the stability and support I so desperately needed.

*  Not her real name