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Being a good neighbour

Good neighbours are an important part of living in a community

A good neighbour is . . .

Considerate and respects people’s rights and privacy

Tolerant and understands that people have different ways of doing things

Concerned when something is wrong and does something about it

Responsible for the actions of themselves and guests

Law abiding and reports illegal activity to the Police

As a neighbour, you can help by...

Keeping the noise at your place down to a reasonable level

Keeping your section tidy

Talking things over when there are problems, listening and trying to come to an agreement that works for everyone. If you need support in this you can contact our Community Development Co-ordinators.

If none of the above works . . .

Start writing down the details of the problem, including what happens and when it happens. This can help make it clear what’s going on. Your notes will also be useful if you need to take the matter further.

If you can’t sort out the problem, you should go to the right people—refer to your phone list next to your phone to help you.

e.g, If you have problems with loud noise, call the Noise Control Office.

Illegal activity should be reported to the Police.

Need to talk to someone?

Mental Health Emergencies

Crisis Team
(09) 487 1414

Abusive/threatening behaviour

For all other emergencies

Noise Control
(09) 301 0101

Equip Mental Health Services

Your Community Support Worker (CSW) should be contacted when you are feeling unwell mentally. You should have been given your CSW’s contact details, if not, please contact Equip Front Desk.

Equip Front Desk
09 477 0338

Bays Community Housing Trust

Property Maintenance:

Other enquires: